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Why wear merino wool compression products?


graduated compression : all our merino wool products feature graduated compression. Put simply, the greatest degree of compression is at the ankle, decreasing higher up the sleeve. We opt for 20-30mmHg as standard.

top quality materials : we only use the best materials from sweat wicking to thermal properties.

designed not copied : We are proud to say we have designed all our merino products in-house here in the UK. These are not 'off- the-shelf' products like our competitors.


prevent : prevention of injury is the key to succeed your personal goals. Choose merino wool compression products to help support your hard working leg muscles in cold weather before, during and after your activity. 

Prevent shin splints, cramp, aches and pains by keeping warmer. 


boosts circulation : powers blood back to your heart during & after exercise.


support : supporting your muscles with that little bit of extra help can really be a game changer and in some instances truly lifechanging.
Preventing the injuries that could set you back weeks or even months is essential. 


recovery : post exercise is sometimes overlooked but should never be underrated. Compression sleeves and socks can significantly help speed up the muscle recovery time enabling you to train more often without long delays.


injury : if you are injured then the quickest and safest way to get back to full health is to use the well know "R.I.C.E" method. 
Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation 
Choosing the correct compression product is a key ingredient to this method of recovery. 


multisport : running, jogging, walking, hiking, cycling, spin classes, triathlons, football, rugby, basketball, tennis, squash, badminton, gym, deadlifting, yoga, crossfit...

Pretty much any indoor or outdoor activity you feel a bit of support would help. 

workers : people who stand for long periods in a normal working day/week will often have aching leg muscles. This is when calf sleeves or long compression socks become a gamechanger !

Teachers, nurses, police officers, retail staff, assembly line workers, chefs, pickers/packers.    

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